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Isla Diamond Necklace

Isla Diamond Necklace


  • Diamond: 2.31 CT
  • 18K Gold: 24.91g

Size Chart



Preference for a necklace length maybe as varied as the style of necklace you choose to wear. Whichever suits your style, you’ll want to size it right. Here are some easy tips to find whichlength will be your perfect fit.

  • Necklace lengths vary, but common lengths include 16 inches (choker), 18 inches (princess), 20 inches (matinee), 24 inches (opera), and 30 inches (rope).
  • To determine the right length for you, use a piece of string to measure around your neck and adjust the length until it sits where you want it to.
  • Measure the length of the string to determine the length of the necklace you need.
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